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    As the old saying goes so many men, so many minds. But everyone will share following idea that in addition to high quality services for the tourists it is very important to provide them the unforgettable impressions and long-term memories within the excursion.
    If you are in Astana, you should discover this wonderful city and its surroundings with our professional guides to experience unforgettable moments and to get acquainted with past, present and future of Kazakhstan’s capital.

    Our excursions are:
    - Fast organization (30-40 minutes)
    - 10 foreign languages speaking guides
    - Modern and comfortable transport (including V.I.P.)
    - Personal approach to every client and his demands
    - Super discounts for travel groups.

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    Guide: English/ Russian/ Kazakh (Other languages on requests, please fill booking form)

    Transport: depends on the quantity of people in the group (bus, minivan, car)

    Availability: All year round

    In the first half of 20th century a monstrous tragedy on all cruelty and by a scale developed on the long-suffering Kazakh earth. Soviet power, as it seemed, was acknowledged to set the world, justice and equality, good and light, brought enormous suffering to the people. The totalitarian mode crippled the fates of millions of people.

    Powerful structures actively intruded in the life of any family and individual. Getting equal political rights in a number of legislative acts, women equally with men were subjected to repression and isolated from society. The same articles of prosecution as for men were foreseen for them, but there was one article on which only women could serve in jail – who were CHSIR - (members of families of traitors of motherland). Not committing crime, they had to serve sentence in special camps only for the fact that they were mothers, wives, sisters, and daughters of those, who was accused of betrayal of Motherland.


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